Exclusive 1-on-1 Interview with “Stix” Author

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with first-time novelist Joe Keppler and pick his brain about a few things.

Primarily, we wanted to know WHAT STIX N’ BRIX IS. As in, what makes the book tick? Where did the idea come from?  We also wanted to know what made Joe decide to take a break from his successful career as one of the country’s most sought after home building consultants to become a fiction writer.

During the interview, Joe told us precisely what Stix N’ Brix was… and exactly what it was NOT.

Stix N’ Brix is not a how-to manual on how to build homes… It’s fiction. It’s about suspense and drama. It’s about conceit and conspiracy and incompetence… and even murder. The same elements that you’d find in a traditional crime novel… are the same elements that you’ll find in Stix N’ Brix.”


This is Part One of our ongoing series on Stix N’ Brix and surprising new novelist Joe Keppler. We hope to follow up with more 1-on-1 interviews throughout the maturation and rise to success of the novel and Joe as a popular fiction writer. Check back soon for more!

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