Let’s Talk Live featuring Joe Keppler

In yet another excellent opportunity to spread the word about Stix N’ Brix, Joe was invited to come onto WJLA 8’s popular daytime talk show, Let’s Talk Live.

Unlike his previous appearance on WJLA’s hard hitting business show, Washington Business Tonight, Let’s Talk host Natasha Barrett asked Joe specific questions about the book, the author, and the future of the franchise.


We’d like to thank Natasha and everyone at WJLA for the great exposure and giving so much attention to the novel. Once again, Brie Hall played a huge part in getting Joe on the show, and we can’t thank her enough. Media exposure like this is helping Stix take hold in many different ways throughout the area!

1 comment to Let’s Talk Live featuring Joe Keppler

  • Francie

    Great interview Joe….you are certainly very comfortable in front of the camera. I really enjoyed watching the interviews.

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