Pre-Order Stix in Trade Paperback!


We are very, very pleased to announce the newest version of Joe Keppler’s lightning-paced thriller Stix N’ Brix.

By early April of 2010, the new Trade Paperback Editions of Stix N’ Brix will be hitting the shelves – with some eye-catching improvements!

From picking up the book for the first time, you’ll immediately noticed the new, travel-friendly size of the book. The Trade Paperback size is currently the most popular and in demand size for most every book that hits the bookshelves, and Stix is no different.

The next thing you’ll immediately notice is the eye-catching, “raised” titles on the front cover that absolutely explode out at you. Couple this with a re-designed backcover and the already attractive Stix is now as exciting as the story within.

But best of all? The new $8.99 price tag!

For those of you who haven’t jumped on board the Stix train yet, now’s the perfect time to do so. The book is leaner, meaner and just as exciting as ever. Head on over to our product page now to pre-order your Stix N’ Brix Trade Paperback copy today and get it before anyone else can.

2 comments to Pre-Order Stix in Trade Paperback!

  • Justin D.

    Stumbled onto this while looking around for a new book… Can’t wait to take a look at this. Got a friend who works for Ryland that tells me some crazy stories… Great lookin book too!

  • Ryan Patrick

    A friend of mine told me about this book. He just bought a home, I’m about to do the same. I think he heard about you through twitter. He actually had some problems with the company building his home. This book sounds like it might be a pretty fun stress relieving read for him. LOL I think I’ll pick him up a copy.

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