Pre-Order Stix in Trade Paperback!


We are very, very pleased to announce the newest version of Joe Keppler’s lightning-paced thriller Stix N’ Brix.

By early April of 2010, the new Trade Paperback Editions of Stix N’ Brix will be hitting the shelves – with some eye-catching improvements!

From picking up the book for the first time, you’ll immediately noticed the new, travel-friendly size of the book. The Trade Paperback size is currently the most popular and in demand size for most every book that hits the bookshelves, and Stix is no different.

The next thing you’ll immediately notice is the eye-catching, “raised” titles on the front cover that absolutely explode out at you. Couple this with a re-designed backcover and the already attractive Stix is now as exciting as the story within.

But best of all? The new $8.99 price tag!

For those of you who haven’t jumped on board the Stix train yet, now’s the perfect time to do so. The book is leaner, meaner and just as exciting as ever. Head on over to our product page now to pre-order your Stix N’ Brix Trade Paperback copy today and get it before anyone else can.

Exclusive 1-on-1 Interview with “Stix” Author

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with first-time novelist Joe Keppler and pick his brain about a few things.

Primarily, we wanted to know WHAT STIX N’ BRIX IS. As in, what makes the book tick? Where did the idea come from?  We also wanted to know what made Joe decide to take a break from his successful career as one of the country’s most sought after home building consultants to become a fiction writer.

During the interview, Joe told us precisely what Stix N’ Brix was… and exactly what it was NOT.

Stix N’ Brix is not a how-to manual on how to build homes… It’s fiction. It’s about suspense and drama. It’s about conceit and conspiracy and incompetence… and even murder. The same elements that you’d find in a traditional crime novel… are the same elements that you’ll find in Stix N’ Brix.”


This is Part One of our ongoing series on Stix N’ Brix and surprising new novelist Joe Keppler. We hope to follow up with more 1-on-1 interviews throughout the maturation and rise to success of the novel and Joe as a popular fiction writer. Check back soon for more!

Let’s Talk Live featuring Joe Keppler

In yet another excellent opportunity to spread the word about Stix N’ Brix, Joe was invited to come onto WJLA 8’s popular daytime talk show, Let’s Talk Live.

Unlike his previous appearance on WJLA’s hard hitting business show, Washington Business Tonight, Let’s Talk host Natasha Barrett asked Joe specific questions about the book, the author, and the future of the franchise.


We’d like to thank Natasha and everyone at WJLA for the great exposure and giving so much attention to the novel. Once again, Brie Hall played a huge part in getting Joe on the show, and we can’t thank her enough. Media exposure like this is helping Stix take hold in many different ways throughout the area!

Joe on Washington Business Tonight!

WJLA 8’s hard hitting business show invited Stix N’ Brix  author Joe Keppler to come on their show and talk a little about the state of the home building industry.


It was a great time and a great opportunity, and we’d like to thank everyone at WJLA for their time. A BIG thanks goes out to Brie Hall all of her amazing help in getting us there!